Community monitoring of borehole Ref.: 2012-03-E

Community monitoring of borehole construction: a training guideline, Doc Ref. 2012 -03 E Introduction Even though the construction of a community water supply is most often supervised and monitored by an experienced technical person, problems with the quality of …

Community monitoring of borehole construction: a training

Communities have a right to be informed about decisions affecting their water supply. This GWI participatory training enables communities to oversee the construction phase of their water supply, explaining how to recognise good and bad quality workmanship and how to intervene if necessary.


C2 COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT IN BOREHOLE SITING AND CONSTRUCTION . Regular monitoring of the ground water level is good practice. . However, this is more important for hand-dug well construction. During construction Is the borehole being drilled correctly?


monitoring well, recovery well and piezometer installations, including plugging and abandonment, shall be in accordance with this handbook and the Louisiana Water Well Rules and Regulations and Standards and shall be registered with that authority. Both Departments thank the regulated community for their patience, input, and cooperation during the

Design and Installation of Monitoring Wells - US EPA

utilized. Once the data have been assembled and the well design(s) completed, a drilling method(s) must be s elected. The preferred drilling methods f or insta lling monitoring wells are those that temporarily case the borehole during drilling and the construction of the well…

Design and Installation of Monitoring Wells

wells are those that temporarily case the borehole during drilling and the construction of the well, e.g. hollow-stem augers and sonic methods. However, site conditions or project criteria may not allow using these methods. When this occurs, alternate methods should be …


33.1-18-02-07 Borehole and Monitoring Well Documentation 33.1-18-02-08 Monitoring Well Construction Materials 33.1-18-02-09 Monitoring Well Development 33.1-18-02-10 Borehole and Monitoring Well Abandonment 33.1-18-02-01. Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to establish minimum acceptable standards for the design,

Well Design and Construction for Monitoring

 · WELL DESIGN . AND CONSTRUCTION . FOR MONITORING GROUNDWATER AT CONTAMINATED SITES . FINAL JUNE 2014. Edmund G. Brown Jr. Governor, State of California . Matt Rodriquez. Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency . Miriam Barcellona Ingenito . Acting Director, Department of Toxic Substances Control . The California Environmental .

Chapter 7 Monitoring Well Design and Installation

Water Monitoring (TGM) was finalized in 1995. This guidance document represents an update to Chapter 7 (Monitoring Well Design and Installation). Listed below are the major changes from the 1995 version. 1. Deleted language cautioning against the use of multi-level wells. Added information on multi-level well systems. 2.

401 KAR 6:350. Monitoring well construction practices

owner a copy of the Kentucky Monitoring Well Variance Request form signed by the certified monitoring well driller and the monitoring well owner within sixty (60) days after the well is completed. Section 2. Design Factors. Monitoring well construction shall comply with the requirements established in …

Handbook of Suggested Practices for the Design and

Well abandonment procedures should include consideration of the monitoring well construction, hydrogeology, and contamination at the site. The “Handbook” serves as a general reference for the numerous factors involved in monitoring well design, construction, and installation.

Monitoring Well Construction, Installation and

Monitoring well construction and installation 1. Materials Monitoring wells are constructed of environmental quality threaded PVC pipe, 52 millimetre ID Schedule 40, with a machine slotted 3.0 metres long or 1.0 to 1.5 metres long, 0.020 or 0.010 slot screen. A …

(415 ILCS 30/) Illinois Water Well Construction Code.

and construction of any water well, closed loop well or monitoring well and shall, no later than January 1, 1988, provide for the issuance of permits for the construction and operation of water wells other than community public water systems and monitoring wells. The Department shall by regulation

Monitoring Well Development, Maintenance, and

WELL DESIGN Typical monitoring well design (e.g., small diameter, artificial filter pack, and limited screen open area) makes development difficult. Generally, wells should be designed to keep entrance velocities low enough to avoid degassing and/or alteration of water quality (Gass, 1986).

Water Supply Borehole Location, Construction and

the borehole. Source owners are advised to keep records of borehole water levels during the operational life of the borehole. Borehole records Source owners should obtain a copy of the driller’s log, showing construction details and strata penetrated, as well as the pumping test results, from their contractor at the time of construction and .

Wells and Borings Well Management Program - EH:

 · Wells and Borings Well Management Program. The Minnesota Department of Health's Well Management Program protects both public health and groundwater by assuring the proper construction of new wells and borings, and the proper sealing of unused wells and borings.


discontinue the use of a well or borehole or to leave the well or borehole in such a state of disrepair that to use it would be impracticable, may result in contamination of groundwater or may otherwise pose a hazard to the health or safety of the general public.

Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring

Accessing the Well Monitoring wells are usually secured with a locking cover or bolted metal housing, either at ground level in a traffic-rated utility or well box (Figure 3) or inside a 2- to 3-foot-tall metal pipe housing. Inside the housing, the actual monitoring well (usually

Well Construction - Department of Environmental Protection

Well Construction. The EPA has a specific web page that provides detailed information about types of well construction and well siting considerations to keep your well free from contaminants. has a link that includes a diagram with minimum safe distances from wells and potential contaminants. This document provides information for private water .