Weight:10.9-34.1t;Feed size:≤335mm;Production capacity:95-884t/h

Product Introduction

DHP multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is an advanced high-performance cone crusher developed by our company by introducing new foreign technology. Breaking through the traditional design concept of cone crusher structure, and using the principle of lamination crushing, significantly improved the crushing capacity and product quality. It is widely used in mining ore crushing, high-hardness rock material crushing, building material crushing, cement plant, sand and gravel manufacturing and other industries.

Product Usage

The matched hydraulic lubrication system not only ensures the reliable operation of the equipment, but also greatly reduces the time and manpower investment. When the DHP multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is working, the rotation of the motor passes through the pulley or the coupling, the transmission shaft and the cone part to rotate around a fixed under the force of the eccentric sleeve, so that the crushing wall of the cone crusher sometimes approaches From time to time, it leaves the surface of the rolling mortar wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve, so that the ore is constantly impacted, squeezed and bent in the crushing cavity to realize the crushing of the ore.

  • Intelligent design High efficiency: Intelligent design, digital display of crushing status and equipment operation, programmed control, fault alarm, automatic oil pressure adjustment, intuitive observation and convenient adjustment. Compared with the spring cone crusher, the output of this machine is 35%-60% higher with the same size of the crushing cone, and the power is saved by 20%.
  • One machine with multiple functions is simple to operate: the machine can be adjusted to three types of cavities: coarse, medium, and fine through the assembly position adjustment of the parts and the exchange of some wear parts; if the machine is instantly blocked during use, There is no need to disassemble the machine, and only the hydraulic device can automatically discharge the faulty objects in the crushing cavity.
  • Lubrication system More protection: The machine is equipped with a special thin oil lubrication system to ensure lubricating oil flow between components and the components can be fully lubricated. The multi-point split hydraulic lubrication control system can ensure the dual protection and overload protection of the machine's bearing lubrication.
  • Braking adjustment operation is more convenient: by controlling the hydraulic oil station, automatic control and adjustment of the machine can be realized, simplifying the operating procedure.
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